About Us

The Corn Fed term was founded nearly 120 years ago when youth corn growing clubs in Mid America began corn growing competitions to help promote the agricultural industry, its work ethics, and wholesome lifestyle. 


The Corn Fed “brand” celebrates its 20th anniversary by partnering with the world's largest youth organization, being 4-H. Interestingly, the 4-H organization’s original name was “The Corn Growing Club.” 


This year the two brands will reunite by honoring honest work ethics, trust, and integrity. Likewise, sharing a lifestyle of hard work, loyalty, and love for our country. 


The two brands have created a proud partnership that will allow members of 4-H clubs nationwide to raise money by fundraising and receiving a significant donation back to their club from every purchase of Corn Fed products online. 


We hope that your friends, family, neighbors, and yourself choose the Corn Fed brand to adopt and call your own. 


Remember, work hard and live simple.